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Baiardo Bits

Last fall after the US Open one lucky Wilson Baiardo stringing machine got to leave the hustle and bustle of Flushing Meadow and make its way to the friendly confines of Suwanee, GA…home of Guts and Glory Tennis.  We welcomed … Continue reading

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Full Poly Hybrids…The Next Frontier

Hybrids.  You heard it here first.  Full poly hybrids are the next frontier in the ever advancing world of tennis strings. As many of our blog followers realize we have been undergoing a period of discovery as we question everything … Continue reading

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The Definitive Guide to Playing with Low Tension Polys

This blog is meant as a follow-up for our immensely popular posting on March 17 where we discussed the optimal method for stringing poly-based strings.  That particular entry has generated much discussion and many of our readers have been open … Continue reading

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The Definitive Guide to Stringing Polys and Co-polys

Okay students, time to take notes. Qualitative analysis of tennis message boards, tennis twitter accounts, facebook pages, blogs and various discussions has convinced me that the vast majority of stringers are not well versed in the nature of poly and … Continue reading

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The Golden Era of Polyester is Upon Us!

Back when I was growing up in the 70’s, I was thoroughly convinced I was living in the golden era of polyester.  Polyester leisure suits were all the rage.  They are what all the really cool dudes wore.  Me, my … Continue reading

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Stringing via the Jaycee Method…Why Bother?

Earlier this year we posted about our philosophical trip to Paris and our desire to adopt and utilize the stringing methods of John Elliot in our business.  In the process of making this commitment several core beliefs were challenged and … Continue reading

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A philosophical trip to Paris

We begin the new year by announcing to our friends and customers that after careful consideration and review we have decided to embark upon a philosophical journey to Paris, France.  Paris is the home of John Elliot, better know to … Continue reading

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