“GGT Extra” is the official blogging site for Guts and Glory Tennis. This blog is specifically designed to serve as a resource for interacting with our online customers and friends on topics related to all things tennis.  Our vision is to interact with tennis players and stringers by posting useful, fun and even humorous information on tennis equipment, stringing as well as a plethora of tennis related topics.  We hope to challenge you to think in new ways, help you learn as well as to learn from you.

We are keenly excited about the new discussion forum that we have designed as part of this site.  We view it as another way to help create opportunities for interaction and learning.

PRODUCTS – Guts and Glory Tennis is incredibly proud of our line of unique products and gifts. We scour the globe to locate exciting and different tennis gifts and make them available to our customers at reasonable prices. We hope you will pop over to our web site and feel free to browse and spend lavishly!

SERVICES – Our offices in Suwanee, GA include a showroom for displaying our online merchandise for our local customers.  More importantly  our professional custom stringing services, that we refer to as “Racquet Vitalization Services” are based in these offices.  We carry only the finest strings and use state-of-the-art stringing equipment when servicing/vitalizing racquets.

We invite our customers to share their experiences by placing a comment in this section of our “GGT EXTRA” blog. We also invite any questions or comments to be posted throughout our site, including our new discussion forum. We will do our best to provide a rapid and helpful response.


2 Responses to About

  1. Jason Chu says:

    Thanks for a great blog on tennis elbow. If you dont remember me, I am the non profit tennis director which helps teach kids for free.

    high mass, head light tennis racquets are the way to go. 17guage string…. and less poly’s unless
    they talk to you first and get higher quality polys that reduce the shock.

    I sent a few kids yourway but know that they did not buy. In any case, i wanted to say thanks!

    Jason Chu

  2. Kaija pegg says:

    Read your web site and I hope I can get some help for choosing my next tennis racket
    I suffer from tendonitis on my shoulders
    I have had the left injected with cortisone which helped but the pain returned
    I just started to do neck and shoulder strenghening exercises
    I would like to find a tennis racket that would be more appropriate for my condition
    I currently play with bobalat which is ok but I feel I need to put quite a lot of effort to hit
    My age age is 57 ,reasonably fit
    Please what rackets could you recommend !

    Regards Kaija

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