New Blog Site Coming…

It is with a great deal of pleasure that we announce that our current blog, Racquety-Yak, is undergoing a major facelift.  Originally started as a hobby, the traffic this blog receives has been a pleasant surprise.  In spite of only periodic updates we receive a substantial traffic flow each day and many posts receive a good amount of participation.

Our goal with the new blog is to up the ante.  We will transfer over most of the existing articles, but the host site and direct URLs for these will change.  The current blog will be shut down in due time and all traffic will be directed to the new blog site.

Our new blog will be called GGT Extra!.   We think the new layout is vibrant and exciting.  Our desire is for it to be easy to use and navigate.  Based on traffic, we have chosen to highlight many of our most popular topics by giving direct links to them in menu bars.  We have also provided many methods for readers to find recent and archived postings. (Afterall, no one really wants to forget the classic Brooklyn Decker guest editorial from August 2009, do they?)

While the glitzy changes will professionalize the site and dazzle some readers, it is not the most exciting new feature.  For us, there is a HUGE addition.  We have created and added a discussion board to the site.  The board is unique in design with an emphasis on providing a public forum for discussions on stringing and strings for all levels of stringers.  It is unlike any current message board in terms of how it is structured.  However, in order to be successful it will require the participation of our readers.  It is our hope that you will like it, use it and enjoy it.  We hope you will participate and make it a frequent stop on your daily internet travels.  It open for all to read and posting requires a wordpress login and password.

The “go live” date is not currently set in stone, but it looks like the week of August 7th would be a safe bet.

Thanks for your support of the current blog and we hope you will enjoy GGT Extra!

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