2011 – Join us for more good stuff!

We want to offer a sincere and genuine thanks to our customers for a wonderful 2010.  Your ongoing support allows us to continue providing creative and innovative products for you to enjoy.

In 2011 we fully expect to carry this tradition forward by promoting and growing our customer base for the many terrific Mauve Sports and WeissCANNON  products that we make available to you.  In addition we will be adding a new product line and educational initiative that has the potential to alter the way you think about strings and stringing.  We are excited about the possibilities and look forward to you joining us on an exhilarating and innovative journey in 2011!

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2 Responses to 2011 – Join us for more good stuff!

  1. Boris Becker says:

    Aloha GG

    I love love love the B5E. Love it full or hybrid. I also love a good deal on a reel. I was wondering if I bought the reel of the on sale WeissCANNON White X Pulse/Repulse – 660′ Reels. How might you imagine that as a cross with b5e? Do you imagine less snap back, sooner string movement ….?


  2. ggtennis says:

    Sorry about the delayed response. Your question is excellent and I have not tested the combination you suggest. I would imagine that it would offer added velocity as opposed to a full B5E setup. I believe the B5E is a superior product and do not believe the hybrid would improve on a full setup. That said, the only way to know is to try. Please let us know what you learn. I’d love to know.

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