Prolonging String Life

Today’s blog entry is simply a quick tip we picked up years ago.  When using synthetic gut strings, if you tend to break them in the center of the stringbed, this tip could help you!

Breaks in the center of the string bed are caused from friction wear.  In order to reduce friction you can lubricate your strings before each match.  We have had success using Armor All which is available in the automotive section of your favorite department store.  To apply just spray some on a cloth and rub it onto the strings.  It’s that simple.  (Note: Do not use too much.  Strings should be moist, but not dripping.) The lubricant allows the strings to slide on each other with less friction and extends the life of the string.

NOTE:  We have NOT tried this with poly-based strings and are unsure how it works in that context or in the context of hybrids.  If you try please feel free to post your experience in the comments section.  Thanks for visiting!

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2 Responses to Prolonging String Life

  1. Boris Becker says:

    wow. more real match play results will be fun to read. sounds like WD-40 might be a player as well?

  2. ggtennis says:

    Armor All does not damage the strings…not sure about WD-40 and the residue it may leave on the ball.

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