Bitten and Smitten!

WeissCANNON is boldly introducing a string with the most interesting and exciting name in 2010, (and perhaps ever),  Mosquito Bite!  While the name is certain to garner a certain amount of attention, it is the performance that has players talking!

After being on the market for approximately 2 weeks, the Mosquito Bite is leaving users clamoring for more.  Already a local club pro has sung the praises of this high quality product on our facebook fan page.  Another teaching pro was asking about it at a recent clinic we attended.  After allowing him to hit with it for a few minutes he proclaimed it to offer phenomenal feel, great consistency and easy spin.  That about says it all, doesn’t it?

Well not quite.  The string is a svelte 18 ga measuring just 1.16mm in diameter.  It comes in a choice of four colors, Blood Red, Black Death, Vein Blue and Pale Flesh.

The string will delight players who are seeking a poly-based string with controllable power, outstanding spin potential, decent touch, and a consistent and subtle feel.  The premium chemicals and elements used in the manufacturing of this premium string allow it to hold properties for an extended period of time so players can enjoy top level performance for many, many sets and multiple matches.  Another in what is becoming a long line of great playing WeissCANNON string offerings.  Get it, before it gets you!

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10 Responses to Bitten and Smitten!

  1. Hi! How does Mosquito Bite compare with Turbo Twist in terms of control, spin potential and arm friendliness?

  2. ggtennis says:

    It compares favorably in all areas. TT is livelier and perhaps get a slight edge in spin and arm friendliness, but it is very close in those areas.

  3. Thank you for your reply.

  4. Adriel Lepretre says:

    Hi! How does Mosquito Bite compare with B5E?

    Do the different colors in MB strings give different playing characteristics to each one?

  5. ggtennis says:

    Mosquito Bite is thinner and slightly more powerful. It makes a nice cross with the B5E mains. We have not noticed a performance difference between colors of the MB.

  6. Adriel Lepretre says:

    What tension is recommended for control in MB in a racket that has good control like the Yonex RDIS 100 MP?

    Would a full bed of MB feel softer than a full bed of B5E? I ask because at 52 B5E seems a little harsh on mishits.

  7. Adriel Lepretre says:

    Thinkingalso of going gut mains and Mosquito Bite crosses. What do you think?

    Trying to get a soft setup for a Aerprodrive,

  8. ggtennis says:

    I like the setup of Mosquito bite crosses with gut mains.

    • Adriel Lepretre says:

      Im tempted to try this gut mains/ MB crosses. Do you think Tonic gut in a 15 gauge as a main string would be a good idea?

  9. ggtennis says:

    I do not do a lot of work with the 15ga guts, but I am pretty confident the 16ga gut makes a nice hybrid with the Mosquito Bite.

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