Bringin’ Some Wood!

Guts and Glory Tennis is please to offer 3 unique handcrafted wooden tennis gifts for our customers.  Our new wooden tennis keychain, pictured to the left sells for a mere $4.50.  It is a sharp looking piece and the quality far exceeds the price for this great little item!

Also, (not pictured) is a wooden tennis racquet magnet which can be attached to any metal surface.  Looks great on white, stainless steel and even olive green refrigerators!  The product is the same as the keychain with a magnet on the back and the key holding hardware removed.

Finally, the piece de’ resistance, is the wooden tennis racquet puzzle/storage case.  This makes a great addition to the desk of any tennis lover in a home or workplace office.  The puzzle consists of 3 easy opening pieces that reveal a secret storage compartment that can be used for keys, pocket change or whatever else you might want to stash away.  This piece is significantly larger than the other two pieces and costs a little more, but it is still a great deal and unique gift at less than $25.00.

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