WeissCANNON 6StarString – early rumblings

The WeissCANNON 6StarString has yet to officially hit the US shores and already it is one of the most popular email subjects appearing in the ol’ inbox. Here are some tidbits for the curious.

1. We have two samples out and being playtested. Both in hybrids. We have identified a full-set playtester, but need the string to arrive in order to install it and conduct the test. Thus far one playtester is very happy with the overall performance. Another, who is a frequent string breaker, broke the TT before an opinion could be formed. Note…this is a player who has used poly mains and broken through them rapidly in the past. The 6StarString for him, was not as durable as a poly-based string.

2. We heard from the Australian distributor that in his playtest, the string got fuzzy rapidly. He noted, “no sign of breakage, just that old wet natural gut look.”

3. We know that this string has been in development for over 2 years and is said to have unique playing properties. The manufacturer describes it as a completely unique string product. A blend of multis and monos into a durable string that is specifically designed to enhance spin.

4. We are expecting a shipment of the 6StarString to arrive very shortly. It could arrive the end of this month or early June. The length of time it is in customs is difficult to calculate. When it does arrive we will announce it via Twitter and Facebook and have it available for purchase from our web site.

5. The manufacturer sent us an email today explaining that the “fluff that appears on the string is intentional.” The purpose is to enhance spin and control. It is an innovation that is unique in the stringing world. (See WeissCANNON web site for further details )

So what exactly is this mysterious string? How will it hold up to US playtesters? Will the “fluff” be embraced by players or will it frighten them away? Will the string be as versatile as we believe? Will it be another home run for WeissCANNON? All of these questions remain unanswered. However, YOU will help to answer them with us. Be watching because the new 6StarString will soon be available. We believe it will be a winner.

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