Spider Silk – The Future of Tennis Strings?

spideyHere’s an interesting bit we ran across while surfing the web. Recent laboratory innovations have allowed scientists to clone spider silk. Bioengineered spider silk is said to be strong as steel, yet flexible at the same time. The article from a Tufts University journal (see link below) states that possible applications include use in sporting goods.

Hmmmm. This makes us wonder. Is it beyond the realm of imagination to believe that this silk could be utilized and integrated into the construction of a tennis string? Is there potential for a string with incredible durablity along with good elasticity and feel? Dare we suggest there is potential to surpass the playability of natural gut? No one really knows the hidden potential of this finding as it relates to our favorite sport. We encourage string manufacturers to explore the possibilities. Within the next couple of years we would not be surprised to see this new material find its way into the labs of the major string manufacturers. Cool stuff. Remember, you heard it here first!!!


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2 Responses to Spider Silk – The Future of Tennis Strings?

  1. Matt says:

    Darn. I had this idea a long time ago. I’ve always wondered what spider silk would be like if it was made into a tennis string.

  2. Jack says:

    I was trying to get in touch with this (I think it was a canadian company) back in 2003, as a stringer and a tennis player I thought it would lift my game. But it seems like they been able to “produce” this for many years now, without actual results.

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