Something new…

A few weeks ago we purchased a FLiP video camera so that we could take video of interesting products and situations we run across in our daily work.  Yesterday we had a few moments so we shot a cheesy video of a problem we found with a Prince Speedport Red.  We had not run across this before and thought it might be interesting to share with our blog audience as our first official pseudo-VLOG.  Hopefully more will be coming soon.  Until then, we hope you enjoy!

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3 Responses to Something new…

  1. jonathan says:

    That video made me dizzy…

  2. ggtennis says:

    I know. One person with a camera in one hand and the racquet in another makes quality shooting difficult. Just having some fun!

  3. Tennis Noise says:

    I actually own 2 red speedport racquets and luckily have never had this happen (I string it at 60 pounds). That is a strange problem though and nice that you recorded it (I’m sure Prince doesn’t appreciate it ;-). By the way I have added you to my blogroll and would love a link from yours too. Keep up the great posts.

    Bringing the Tennis Noise

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