Lessons learned from landscapers

Two days ago was the first time in 16 years of home ownership that I hired a landscaper to do anything in my lawn other than treat for weeds. Until that time I did my own mowing, edging, pruning, blowing etcetera. Because all of our customers have been so good to us and have been keeping us so busy, (we achieved record sales in February and March 2009), we hired a landscaping company to perform the spring cleanup work so that I could concentrate on serving the needs of our customers.

After the landscapers left, I took a gander at the lawn and beds and came to a shocking realization. They do SUPERIOR work. I am a vastly inferior amateur by comparison. The level of quality is shocking when amateur work is compared to that of a professional. It gets the job done, but just fails to measure up to the quality standards of professionals.

The same is true of racquet stringing services. Sure there are those out there who know how to put strings into a frame, but the quality results achieved by professional racquet technicians is noticeably superior. Stringing service provided by a professional will yield more consistent and better performance every time. We invite those who are not using a full-time stringing professional to locate one and give him or her a try. If you are local, we of course recommend our services. Because we are not busy trying to make our landscaping look like an exclusive country club, we can concentrate 100% of our efforts on fine tuning your racquet to give you the ultimate performance .

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