1/2 Sets now available + Look what we found.

We’re cleaning our shop and have come across many reels that contain 20′ or more of string, but not the full 40′. Rather than recycle or keep it laying around we’d rather make it available to our online customers who may wish to put it to use. We are currently selling MSV Focus and Focus Hex 1/2 sets for $2.90. We also have some 1.20 Silverstring 1/2’s that we are selling for $4.50. These are available only while supplies last. They will not appear on our website. You will need to contact us via telephone or email if you want to place an order for the 1/2 set specials.

As our spring cleaning continued we also ran across some 1.20 and 1.30 mm reels of MSV Focus EVO.  The color is amber.  Since we decided to only carry the clear colored version, we want to find a good home for the remaining amber reels.  We will be offering them at deep, deep discounts to the first customers who contact us about them via email or telephone.  If you are interested, act fast.

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One Response to 1/2 Sets now available + Look what we found.

  1. Jim Knight says:

    How do I get in touch with you? Do you have local address?


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