Get a Grip!

It can be successfully argued that the grip is the most neglected piece of equipment in tennis.  It’s absolutely true. Improperly sized racquet grips can lead to racquet twisting and potentially an arm injury. Excessively worn and tattered grips can also lead to racquet twisting and arm injury, not to mention an annoying discomfort.  Why not forego the medical expenses, anti-inflammatory drugs and elbow pain devices and instead make sure your grip is properly sized and in good condition?

We recommend replacing your grip after approximately 40 – 60 hours of court play.  The actual grip (not the overgrip) consists of cushioning materials.  These materials serve to help absorb shock, which is your enemy on the court.  As the cushioning becomes worn, the ability to absorb the shock is reduced.  We want all of our customers and blog readers to play as much tennis as possible and to do so in complete comfort.  Toward this end, we encourage you to replace your grip frequently.

We are happy to provide free racquet grip size evaluation and inspection for our local customers, just ask!  And always remember, if you show your grip some lovin’ it will truly become a “handle with care.” (It’s okay to groan.)

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