Price war? Okay, we’re in!

squirrelbox(Please hum the Theme from Rocky as you read this post!)

As indicated in a blog entry made earlier today, Topspin Tennis requested that we raise the price on the new Topspin Pure Concept because another US distributor complained our retail was too low for the product.  Shortly after raising our prices we received a telephone call from a customer indicating they received an email announcing a private sale on the string from the supplier who raised the price of the string in the first place.  Interesting to the point of being diabolical.

So here’s our formal response to our customers.  We will NOT be undersold on this product.  All you need to do is provide us with your best quote from Alex that supplier in FL and we will beat it.  Not by a few pennies, but by a significant amount.  For additional information contact us via email or telephone.   (You can stop humming now.)

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2 Responses to Price war? Okay, we’re in!

  1. PKS says:

    Just out of principle I wont give my business to <> (large e-tailers) as they hurt the smaller shops and local business that keeps that country afloat. For the same principle I wont be doing business ever with the “FL boys” as they are just ruthless. Only for me.

    • ggtennis says:


      Thanks for visiting our blog. Just want to go on the record as stating the large online e-tailers do serve as a place of value to many tennis players and do offer legitimate value, convenience and benefits that smaller shops can not offer. (Sorry, we had to edit out the name you used). I do understand your position, but in this case the e-tailer is a business partner and friend of many smaller shops with whom we interact. In many ways they actually help some smaller shops. If you give me a call I can explain in greater detail. Thanks again for visiting and posting on our blog!

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