Dear Prince…

oxgraphiteI realize that I have been hard on you, leveraging some fairly significant criticisms in recent blog entries. The purpose of today’s post is to issue a KUDO. That’s right, I am about to say something nice.

Today I examined the new EXO3 Classic for the first time. It appears as if the channels on this racquet are finally deeper and designed in a manner that makes sense and will be more efficient. I think you may have gotten it right! While I have yet to string one or examine the other new EXO3 designs, I am hoping the apparent enhancements have corrected some of the challenges experienced by the earlier port style offerings.

Good job Prince! It appears the new EXO3 racquets may truly be ready for prime time.  KUDOS all around.

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One Response to Dear Prince…

  1. PKS says:

    1 thing about the new graphite that really left me scratching my head. In all the pictures and literature the frame has the string hole inserts, as this frame is for players. BUT!!!, all the frames shipped come only with the open ports. Wow is that sad or what! Prince says they wont even have the string holes available until April. Players dont like the port holes as much as they like the string hole inserts.

    False advertising, and totally unprepared for the launch.

    Its a joke. POG forever, all new technology is piss.

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