Recycling of topical posts for new readers

For readers who are new to our blog, we welcome you and wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! Given the A-Rod story and steroids are back in the news we thought it might be fun to point our readers to a post we made last year in which we confessed to the use of performance enhancing drugs. Please see our entry titled “Full Disclosure” which was written approximately one year ago and covers the topic with a dose of lighthearted humor.

Also in the spirit of recycling we would like to point our readers to a humor post on a section of our web site that we had before this blog was created. It is called “Anna Be Mine” and it speculates on what Dr. Phil may be saying to Anna Kournikova in a celebrity pro-am tennis tournament. It is one of our favorite Valentine Day efforts, plus it gets Anna’s name in our blog which is sure to increase traffic!

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