wcflier21WeissCANNON and Guts and Glory Tennis understand the financial challenges that these economic times are presenting to many throughout the USA. In an effort to be supportive of our customers who are seeking high quality strings at a price points they can afford, we are instituting a program where we subsidize pricing on select WeissCANNON products for our customers. This program will remain in effect until the economies rebound at which time we will resume our normal pricing structure. WeissCANNON and Guts & Glory Tennis: Companies Who Care!

The first product that will be offered under this special pricing is the new WeissCANNON Repulse. This is a solid playing soft poly-based string that comes in a Micro 1.13mm diameter in a briliant white color. It is priced to be the absolute HIGHEST quality offering at a discount price in the worldwide marketplace. The WeissCANNON Repulse offers SIGNIFICANT performance advantages over the newest version of the ProSupex Big Ace (the Micro) and is available at a lower cost. 660′ reels will be priced at just $62.90 which is $17.00 less than the lower quality Big Ace offering. Sets will be just $6.20 each which is over $1.75 less expensive. Better string at a lower cost = No Brainer!

WeissCANNON is known for producing world-class string products. The new Repulse is the highest quality poly-based string product available at wholesale level pricing. Order yours today! You will not be disappointed.

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4 Responses to New DEEP DISCOUNT Pricing

  1. PKS says:

    What string lasts longer, repulse 1.13 or MSV 1.10?

    I have a feeling its msv 1.10 as WC has always been a softer poly brand.


  2. ggtennis says:

    Your instincts on this are correct. The MSV 1.10 offers slightly better durability than the Repulse, but it is fairly close.

  3. mwang80 says:

    How does this string compare to the MSV Hex 1.18 with regards to topspin potential and softness?

  4. ggtennis says:

    Both are excellent options offering good spin potential and comfort.

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