Welcome KLiP!


Not since Air Supply, have our mates from down under exported such a high-pitched product to the USA. KLiP strings proudly reflect the line of tennis excellence which made Australia a dominant world power in the sport.

Guts and Glory Tennis is proud to be the only NE Metro Atlanta tennis stringing service to make KLiP’s line of synthetic gut offerings available to our customers.

We know our customers are going to love these new offerings. KLiP strings melodically announce themselves to the Atlanta tennis scene like the sweet Australian ballad, “HERE I AM!”

KLiP offerings are indeed here and they are extra sweet! The synthetic gut line is well covered. We offer the KLiP Kicker, which is an affordable and soft playing synthetic gut that provides excellent feel and performance. The slightly crisper and more durable KLiP Synthetic Gut plays like an updated version of Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex featuring a little bit more zip. This versatile string is destined to become our best-selling basic synthetic gut string.

For premium synthetic offerings the KLiP Scorcher is appropriately named. This multi-wrapped solid core is powerful and comfortable. Great alternative to strings such as Gamma TNT or LaserFibre LaserTour. And let’s not overlook KLiP’s signature synthetic, the premium KLiP Excellerator. This is a crisp playing high thread count multifilament string that is available in 16, 17 and 18 gauges and the playability is indeed something you will love!

We cordially invite our local customers to join us and fall in love with our newest Australian imports. A popular Air Supply song features the lyrics, “Here I Am, The One That You Love.” and we say, KLiP…

“Here they are, The Strings That You’ll Love.”

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