Celebrity Customers???

This holiday shopping season has generated some interesting orders for Guts and Glory Tennis. We have filled orders for one known celebrity and suspected others. For grins and giggles we thought we would share a list of our suspected and confirmed celebrity clientele.

1. We received an order from an S. Graf using a Las Vegas PO Box for a unique custom made item for a young girl. Hmmm. Not confirmed, but suspected.

2. We filled an order that was going to the Dr. Phil studios in LosAngeles. It is well known that the good doctor is a huge tennis fanatic. Perhaps you will enjoy our Valentine’s 2005 satire piece as much as he did. See Dr. Phil: “Anna Be Mine.”

3. We completed a nice order the other day for Ashley Simpson. Was it the celebrity or not? We are not sure, but for fun we are going to assume it is.

4. We have received multiple orders from a customer who we believe to be Susan Lucci who is located in CA.

Guts and Glory Tennis:  Online shopping source for the Stars!

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