Prince Recoil – The “Real” Deal

Okay…our blog readers may have noted a twinge of doubt and sarcasm in our previous post concerning the new Prince Recoil string. We were skeptics, especially given the price.

However, we now have additional experience with this string, more notably, our customers have experience with this string and it has impressed us beyond our wildest expectations. We are skeptics no more.

The recoil bandwagon is firing up. Why? Well there are several reasons. The first is because Recoil delivers in a big way on the promise of little to no string movement. If string movement drives you or your customers batty, this string could very well be the answer. The technology is more than marketing bravado, it is effective and delivers.

Second and most importantly, this string holds tension better than we EVER expected. One of our initial users just returned for a restringing. The string was in the racquet for a total of 55 days. The customer played 33 matches and estimates having at least 98 hours of playtime. At the time of stringing (note, we used regular tension, did not drop 10% as Prince recommends) the DT reading was 44. After 55 days and nearly 100 hours the DT reading was 38 which represents a mind-boggling tension loss of just 13.6%!!!

Durability seems to be surpassing our expectations as well. We had read accounts of the string breaking rapidly, but this conflicts with our current observations. The racquet with 98 hours shows insignificant signs of fraying. Very minor.

Our new take is that this string may actually be worth the price. (Did I really just write that???…hard to believe.)  More about this string will be posted in future entries.

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2 Responses to Prince Recoil – The “Real” Deal

  1. Deborah Stuckey says:

    I have been using this string since 2008 after using Wilson hammer and playing way too much for unfit beginner, so therefore got a elbow tendon tear and was out for 8 months!!! Bought a volkl racquet with recoil 16g strings and love them. As of 4/2/15 I can’t find these strings anywhere, do you know where I can buy them?

  2. ggtennis says:

    They are no longer in production. Prince discontinued the product.

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