Power Angle – “Going Diagonal”

“Go Diagonal!”

No gimmicks here. An innovative design that actually stands up to the claims being made. PowerAngle racquets have been specifically designed so the diagonal string pattern allows for a more uniform string length. The more uniform length has been proven to reduce harmful shock and is great for players seeking a lighter weight, arm-friendly racquet. This technology may look a bit different, but in this case different is definitely good.

But wait…there’s more!!!

In addition to being one of the healthiest racquets available, the patented PowerAngle design also features added bonuses for serious tennis players.

1. Many players who use these racquets will attest to the fact that the diagonal string pattern actually aids in spin production. These racquets grab the extremely well allowing for added spin and bite on demand.

2. Angled strings help create a lively and more powerful stringbed compared to traditionally strung racquets.

3. Power Angle diagonals allow for greater durability and longer lasting strings. For a real treat, try stringing your PowerAngle racquet with LaserFibre Premium strings.

Guts and Glory Tennis is pleased to have a working partnership with PowerAngle where we make these fabulous racquets available to our stringing customers. We currently carry the Power 102 and Power 115 as demo racquets for our local customers to check out. (See specs below) We invite you to playtest these racquets and experience the PowerAngle advantages for yourself. Guts and Glory Tennis is currently metro Atlanta’s only approved stringer for all PowerAngle racquet products and the only resource for interested players to demo/playtest.

Models Head
Power 102
(Pictured top right)

102 sq. in.

9.6 oz.

1/2 in
head heavy

27 3/8”

Power 115
(Pictured bottom right)
115 sq. in.
9.3 oz.
3/4 in.
head heavy
27 3/8”

Tennis Magazine
has written that PowerAngle racquets are “a new angle on comfort.”

PowerAngle Diagonals are known for dispersing shock and being an extremely comfortable racquet. According to the PowerAngle designers, orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists confirm that less effort is to needed to hit a ball solidly. The longer, Diagonal strings better absorb the shock of the ball, thus protecting the muscles and joints of the shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist and hand from undue stress.

Guts and Glory Tennis is proud to bring these racquets to our customers and know that they will be able to bring relief to area players who are suffering from tennis elbow and performance to those seeking a new paradigm in racquet technology.
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1 Response to Power Angle – “Going Diagonal”

  1. ggtennis says:

    Please note that as of today, 4/4/08, we no longer have access to any Power Angle racquets. The demos have been sold because they are of models that are no longer being produced. Power Angle will introduce 3 NEW models in the coming months. We hope to have demos of these racquets to provide to our customers.

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