MSV Strings Dominate StringForum Survey!

Congratulations to MSV strings for eye-popping and dominant results in the annual international survey conducted by StringForum.  The results of those users who prefer the German language version of the site overwhelming spoke to the quality of the MSV Co.-Focus and MSV Focus Hex as they stood at the top of virtually all categories in which they were nominated, including the prestigious “String of the Year!”

Please feel free to view the final voting results for yourself.  For additional information on MSV string products visit the MSV Tennis Strings Blog, during your web travels.

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8 Responses to MSV Strings Dominate StringForum Survey!

  1. Scott Seagren says:

    Hello. I recently ordered some sets of string from you (except Ashaway Monogut) and I would like your advice on what tension to string at. I have a Dunlop M-Fil 300 (lead tape at 6pm, 10pm, and 2pm). I string my rackets between 63 and 65# when using synthetic gut. I like a controlled string bed that allows ample spin and power where I can swing away without the fear of hitting long. Many of my balls land deep natrually. The strings below are new polys that I am going to try in a full set up:

    1. Topspin Cyber Flash 1.20
    2. Topspin Cyber Flash 1.25
    3. Weiss Cannon Match Power 1.25
    4. MSV Focus Hex 1.10
    5. Ashaway Monogut 1.22

    I string with an older Alpha dropweight stringing machine. Do I need to slightly bounce the weight to get a pre-stretch? Any recommendations on how to be as close to accurate when a poly string doesn’t stretch much?

    Thank you!

  2. ggtennis says:

    We hope you enjoy your playtests. We do not recommend pre-stretching poly based strings.

    In terms of tension, I would suggest stringing the MSV and WeissCANNON where you typically string your synthetics and I would suggest dropping the tension on the CyberFlash by approx. 5%.

  3. Scott Seagren says:


  4. tung says:

    just switched from prince synthetic duraflex and pro blend to poly-based strings. am using weisscannon scorpion and msv focus hex. is it me, or does it feel that the playability and feel of these strings are significantly different from synthetic and pro blend. just tried it recently, so i cant comment how good it is. perhaps some more time with these strings will allow me to comment good or bad

  5. Adriel Lepretre says:

    Hi. I am planning to use gut mains in a Babolat Aeroprodrive.
    Which MSV would you recommend as a cross?
    What tension?

  6. ggtennis says:

    I would recommend the MSV Co.-Focus as a cross with natural gut mains. Tension would not exceed 52 lbs.

  7. Adriel Lepretre says:

    Maybe I could try gut mains at 52 and MSVCo Focus crosses at 48. Sounds to powerful a setup?

  8. ggtennis says:

    Depends on the equipment and process used to install the strings. If using constant pull you will probably be in good shape.

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